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Stachys macrantha 'Robusta' DHTU0019

Stachys macrantha 'Robusta' DHTU0019

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Not just ANY Stachys, this is Dan Hinkley’s collection from NE Turkey - I saw it in the gardens at Heronswood and fell in love! A robust clump of handsome foliage topped by 12” stems of good sized, full racemes of purple-mauve flowers for many weeks. Substantial, good looking and long lived; this tough perennial deserves a special spot in your garden. A sunny spot in well drained, moist soil will make this baby perform! Deer don’t seem to like it and neither do our rabbits. This one is a ‘sleeper’ and it is bound for fame! 

USDA Zone 4a
Pot size: 3 inch pot
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