Who We Are

We are plant junkies (first and foremost), mad gardeners, horticulturists, Certified Arborist, and before we sound too ‘geeky’ here, professionals who have been in various realms of the plant business for a very long time. We are located in the wilds of the northern Willamette Valley, in farm country, Canby, Oregon. Plants are our passion! Perennials are our first love, unique shrubs are a close second, ornamental grasses, always…the person who dies with the most plants wins, right? Our collection is the result of ongoing world-wide plant safaris. We propagate most of our own plants from our very own stock plants with our very own hands. There is plenty of positive energy in these plants, infused with lots of TLC and ‘up close and personal’, individual attention. It’s a happy work environment and we think our plants reflect this! We also love animals and share the nursery with our joyful dogs, cats, ducks, and chickens. Come greet our furry and feathered nursery guardians!

Pat Thompson, owner, with her dog Zeus