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Primula kisoana 'Kyroen'

Primula kisoana 'Kyroen'

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Another absolute treasure from Heronswood (the REAL Heronswood) Nursery. This woodland species from Japan is very late flowering, often in bloom here at the nursery in June! Flowers are an almost glowing shade of lavender-rose (the color of a great sunrise) on 6" stems. The individual blooms are large for the genus. This is a colonizing type of primrose and will spread happily in moist to wet soils, however, it seems quite tame and small on drier sites. The leaves are very 'un-primula' like and are covered with silvery hairs. Happiest in moist, rich humusy soils in part shade.

USDA Zone 6a
Pot size: 3 inch pot

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