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Polypodium pseudoaureum 'Virginia Blue'

Polypodium pseudoaureum 'Virginia Blue'

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EXTRAORDINARY silver-blue fronds emerge from orange-haired rhizomes on this 12-18" tall evergreen lovely! A rare shade in fern-ature! Fairly new on the scene...but seems to thrive in light shade with average moisture and sharp drainage. It has performed well for us in pots. Will slowly creep on shallow rhizomes (never pesky). If you collect ferns, this is a gem you NEED for your jewel box! It is certainly eye catching. Our pots overwintered in 2016-2017 outdoors with minimal protection and through several snows...a low of about 20 degrees. We think they are hardier than USDA Z8.

USDA Zone 8a
Pot size: 4 inch pot
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