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Kalmia latifola ‘Tiddlywinks’

Kalmia latifola ‘Tiddlywinks’

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Kalmia is a new plant to me, where has it been all my life?!  This ‘Mountain Laurel’ is a dwarf evergreen shrub in the heather family, creating a 24-36” mound.  This baby covers itself in late spring – early summer with rosy pink buds that look like just like the ones squeezed out of a pastry bag on to a wedding cake, they don’t look real!  These clusters open to intricately decorated light pink scalloped little bell flowers with darker accents and dotted with red…unique and eye catching!  Sun to part shade in acidic, well drained soils with regular moisture will make this happy in your garden.

USDA Zone 5-9
Pot size: 3.5"

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