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Hydrangea serrata 'Chishima'

Hydrangea serrata 'Chishima'

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Unique serrata with many names

We purchased this speciman under two different names from different sources but it's unique leaf structure tipped us off that they were one and the same. Chishima translates to Kuril. This is a group of islands with heavily disputed ownership between Japan and Russia. You history buffs may want to investigate many of the WW2 treaties and see if you can figure out who has claim! It also has the name of Shishiva but regardless of the name, it is really cool! Bright pink colors so far, probably the brightest we've seen on a serrata. We are still testing its pH sensitivity. What I love most about this serrata is the leaves! They have a slight turn or curl under and makes for an unusual habit.

USDA Zone 6-9
Pot size: 4 inch pot

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